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Ferrari Backpack 7.8%, Toppling Goliath Brewing Co., United States
8 arviota
Ferrari Backpack
7.8% New England DIPA / Hazy Imperial IPA
Stranded on a desolate road with nothing but the backpack that reminds him it wasn’t always like this. Lavish parties, mansions, and fountains of hazy IPA used to be the norm. He didn’t choose the Ferrari lifestyle. It chose him. It may escape him now, but this stallion will ride again. We vibed out with our compadres at Lua Brewing Company to manifest liquid opulence. Brewed with a pretentiously golden aesthetic, loaded with luxuriously oil-laden hops, and soft as thousand thread count sheets. Drink fresh. Pinkies out.


Post author: Fred D
Fred D
@ Beer Republic | Bangkok
2 years ago
Ferrari Backpack, United States

Post author: tharju
2 years ago

Post author: Grey
@ Ø
3 years ago
Ferrari Backpack, United States
BEER: Ferrari Backpack BREWERY: Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. X Lua Brewing BEER STYLE: DIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 7.8% COLOUR (EBC): Orange Juice Yellow (15.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Ripe fruity. HEAD: One finger tall, leaving off with pretty perfect lacing after it. GREY’S VIEW Riwaka, Strata, Citra, Sabro & Amarillo hopped DIPA. Mouth has lots of creamy carbonation. Quite tangy and lively. Body is around medium. Taste offers ripe mandarin and - orange with subtle feel from dry herbs, bit burned grass and even stone kind of minerals. OTHER NOTES: Rather old piece from the ’new’ section of euroshop. But anyway. This has kept its form well and there’s still being and form in this one to enjoy. Nice. CANNED 14/5/2021 TASTED 17/9/2021

Post author: Kipli
@ Musta Kynnys
3 years ago
Maukkaan sitruksinen ja hieman makeahko. Oikein mielyttävä kokemus

Post author: Antti H
Antti H
@ Pien Shop & Bar
3 years ago
Ferrari Backpack, United States

Post author: Porterhouse
@ Beerdome
3 years ago

Post author: JSJ
@ Ales & Brews
3 years ago
Ferrari Backpack, United States