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Return of the Mac 5.0%, Streetside Brewery, United States
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Return of the Mac
5.0% Golden Ale / Blond Ale
Dripping in aromatics of coconut, honey, and fresh vanilla blended together in a fresh cup of your favorite morning coffee, this coffee blonde showcases the best of beer and coffee with a silky body and luscious caramel creme flavors. Undercurrents of coconut cream pie and toasted pie crust this 5% banger is not to be trifled with.


Post author: When In Rome
When In Rome
@ Sure Shot Tap House
1 year ago
Return of the Mac, United States
A revisit and glad I did. Last time I gave it a 3 star but feel I was influenced by what I had drank before it. This go around I believe is more accurate. The coconut catches the nose first with traces of vanilla and coffee behind it. On the tongue, the coffee blonde hits first with the coconut right behind and the vanilla wisping in the background. Enjoyable.

Post author: When In Rome
When In Rome
@ Sure Shot Tap House
3 years ago
If it's taste on the buds matched it's aroma on the nose, it'd be a strong 4 to 4 1/2 star. Alas, not to be. Points for their description mirroring the product though. I dont want to be too harsh just yet as I want to revisit this one based on what I'd had in front of it. In case they rotate this one out before I've had a chance to do so, I'll give it a respectful 3 star.