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Orange Lazarus 6.6%, Wild Weather Ales, England
4 arviota
Orange Lazarus
6.6% Milkshake IPA
Orange Smoothie IPA brewed in collaboration with Leviathan and The Spare Wheel. Fruity, sweet and filled with fresh orange zest and pureé


Post author: James smith
James smith
3 years ago
Taste just like Buck’s Fizz

Post author: Blair K
Blair K
@ Blair's Hoose
3 years ago
Orange Lazarus, England
Orange juice, recommend

Post author: David A
David A
3 years ago

Post author: Jamie K
Jamie K
@ Croxtons
3 years ago
Orange Lazarus, England
Soo Fruity It’s like a pint of orange juice Really sweet and smooth with a slight alcohol-tinged bitterness