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Squashtober Ale 5.6%, Newburgh Brewing Company, United States
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Squashtober Ale
5.6% Red Ale / Amber Ale
Over 3,000 pounds of pumpkin and butternut squash… 3 days of round-the-clock pumpkin and squash baking… a vision for a twist on a traditional American style… and what do you get? SQUASHTOBER ALE Our latest creation is a Belgian Amber Ale that has been brewed with pumpkin and butternut squash obtained from a local farm right here in New York. In colonial times, pumpkins were used as a source of fermentable sugars when American brewers they couldn’t get grains. Squashtober is our take on this classic beer style, with a twist: the use of our Newburgh Belgian Ale Yeast. This yeast strain allowed us to achieve spice notes without introducing actual spices into the beer. The result? A beer that starts with nice hints of caramel and spice from the yeast and rye, and lingers with a clean pumpkin and squash finish. A nice autumn treat!
IBU: 25
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