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Smoke On The Porter, Griffs Brewery, United States
1 ratings
Smoke On The Porter
No matter how enjoyable a menu full of exceptional brews may be, there are those that are considered truly extraordinary. Those beers that leave consumers searching for the right words to express the connection they are having with their own taste buds at that perfect drinkable moment, Smoke on the Porter again and again fits that description. A wonderfully savory departure from the norm, Smoke on the Porter's brilliance comes from the fact that the entire flavor profile of this beer is reached only through the delicate composite of a variety of grains and hops. This allows Smoke on the Porter to be an entirely radical but complete manageable flavor that will leave all GB fans wanting more.


Post author: Petteri H
Petteri H
@ TCBW 2016
7 years ago
Hieman chilin makua, mutta ei poltetta. Aika jees. Muuten kuten perus Porter.