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Hello Mr Thompson 10.0%, Pentrich Brewing, England
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Hello Mr Thompson
10.0% Triple IPA
A huge Triple IPA packed full of Citra, El Dorado & some more Citra. Masses of punchy citrus and tropical fruit flavours with a light sweetness from the malt. "...I think he's talking to you..."


Post author: Roywenk
@ The Bishops Arms, Luleå
3 months ago
Krämig och stark!

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Real Ale Corner
5 months ago
Hello Mr Thompson, England
Wow this is an explosion of delicious delight

Post author: tharju
2 years ago

Post author: Obi-Mäc-Kenobi
2 years ago

Post author: Ville T
Ville T
2 years ago

Post author: Grey
@ Bierloods22
2 years ago
Hello Mr Thompson, England
Pentrich Brewing and my first try with their beers. I remember how their beers was so hyped and sought after. Glad to have this one 🙂 BEER: Hello Mr. Thompson BREWERY: Pentrich Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: TIPA COUNTRY: England ABV.: 10.0% COLOUR (EBC): Rose Hip Red (29.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Interesting. Somewhat deep and dank. Ripe fruity with a twist. HEAD: Creamy, ine finger tall. Leaving off with a nice lacing. GREY’S VIEW Citra & El Dorado brewed TIPA. Ok the El Dorado is the main hop in this one. I taste deep tropic being, fresh, bit raw and marmalady fruitjuice (intresting, but that’s what I got). The lemons are there too, giving some snip to it. But, it’s definitely a slow and deeply tropical TIPA. Nice. Body is semi slow, carbonation almost nonexistent and the dry hops (if there are any) hard to detect. But it’s highly likeable. Aftertaste has some strawberries and raspberry sweetness. OTHER NOTES: Okay. My first try with Pentrich. This has some personality to it and I like it. It’s somewhat complex and quirky, but also the familiar points are all there. Don’t be affraid of the color, allthough it’s not that usual one. More then a good one. CANNED 1/6/2021 TASTED 19/7/2021

Post author: King Goblin
King Goblin
@ The Crafty One
2 years ago