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Saskatoon Dry Rosé Cider 5.5%, United Gypsies (UG) Brewery, Finland
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Saskatoon Dry Rosé Cider
5.5% Apple Cider


Post author: Lassi P
Lassi P
1 year ago

Post author: Thyy
@ United Gypsies (UG) Brewery
1 year ago
Saskatoon Dry Rosé Cider, Finland
Juoma on väriltään punertava ja vaahdoton. Tuoksu on raikkaan omenainen sekä marjaisa. Maku on kuivahkon omenainen, hapoton ja jälkimaussa hieman maistuu marjaisuus. En ostaisi toistamiseen!

Post author: WexiLahti
@ K-Citymarket Lohja
2 years ago
Saskatoon Dry Rosé Cider, Finland
The weekend will hereby be closed with a saskatoon flavored cider. Saskatoon is not a particularly new plant variety, even my grandparents used to have saskatoons in their garden. I guess saskatoon is also called juneberry. The cider is fairly lucid and displays a strawberry juice color. Carbonation is somewhat timid as a moderate white lacing first spreads on the surface and then dissolves to a hair-thin ring. The nose enjoys powerful apple juice. All natural, no sugar. I can't find anything else behind the dominant apple. The taste offers apple juice but allows also other flavors to live. A suggestion of bog bilberry lingers on the back sides of the tongue. It's blueberry-ish but less intensively flavorful. The yeasty side is quite vinous, and indeed, the label educates me that the yeast is wine yeast. It gives a white-wine-like nuance to the cocktail. The finish carries the sour apple and white wine yeast forward but lets even them fade out quickly. The mouthfeel is natural, dry, drying and juicy. I like the fact that this is not sweet at all, totally the opposite, but still, I think as if not all the potential had been used.

Post author: Siideripissis
2 years ago
Saskatoon Dry Rosé Cider, Finland

Post author: HeKa
2 years ago

Post author: Lauri Y
Lauri Y
@ Ølfest 2021
2 years ago

Post author: Syke
@ Kylärafla Kanto
2 years ago

Post author: Wii
2 years ago

Post author: Jarno
3 years ago

Post author: Tommi M
Tommi M
@ K-Citymarket Lohja
3 years ago
Saskatoon Dry Rosé Cider, Finland
Hapokas ja kirpsakka. Kevyttä marjaisuutta ja kuivaa valkoviinimäisyyttä. Haastaa perinteisen siiderimakustelijan rajoja varovaisesti.