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Peace, Love & Hippieweizen 5.5%, Goat Island Brewing, United States
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Peace, Love & Hippieweizen
5.5% Hefeweizen
One drink of this hazy, golden wheat beer and you’ll find yourself back in the sixties. The german heffeweizen yeast used to ferment this beer give it a smooth groovy flavor with hints of fresh bread and the faint aroma of banana. It is light and refreshing. The perfect beer for our hot Alabama weather. Bring on the summer of I love this beer. Far out!


Post author: UC08
@ Boston's Restaurant & Sport Bar
1 year ago
Peace, Love & Hippieweizen, United States

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Mentone
3 years ago
Peace, Love & Hippieweizen, United States
Enjoying my third beer while out kayaking for the first time this year. Absolutely perfect day out on the lake. Pours with little to no head. Very hazy deep yellow. Wheat beer aroma with a touch of banana. Very little carbonation and a little watery. Has good flavor. A Belgian flare with notes of clove and banana. Finish has a minuscule amount of sour but overall it's a refreshing beer on a hot day.