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A Jellyfish Called Hazelnut 11.8%, Barreled Souls Brewing Company, United States
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A Jellyfish Called Hazelnut
11.8% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
Imperial Stout with hazelnuts and grape jelly. Collaboration with Vitamin Sea Brewing.


Post author: Grey
@ Ø
2 years ago
A Jellyfish Called Hazelnut, United States
BEER: A Jellyfish Called Hazelnut BREWERY: Barreled Souls Brewing Co. x Vitamin Sea Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: Imperial Pastry Stout COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 11.8% COLOUR (EBC): Deep Reddish Brown (65.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Weirdly funny! Sweet jelly w/ coffee, roasted malts and nuts. Quirky enough yeah! HEAD: Peaks at two finger height. Creamy, airy and pretty solid with carbs. Yeah. GREY’S VIEW Imperial Stout w/ Hazel Nuts & Grape Jelly. Yeap. Let’s go! First wave brings odd mix of that promised grape jelly thing mixed with coffee beans, dryed hazel nuts and what not?! It’s a drrty one this! 👠💃🏻 Yeah! The body is nutty dry and easy. I like how the actual flavours brings their set to the mouthfeel. OTHER NOTES: Almost like Black DIPA, but then again like roasted Porter or something. Yeah. I don’t know anything now. Cheers ✌🏼🍻 BOTTLED 11/7/2019 TASTED 3/1/2022

Post author: Harala
@ De Bierliefhebber
2 years ago
A Jellyfish Called Hazelnut, United States
Tuoksu on pähkinäinen, kuten arvata saattaa. Maku on pähkinäinen, makeahko, paahteinen ja aavistuksen salmiakkinen. Varsinaista rypäleisyyttä en aistinut. Alkoholi lämmittää mukavasti. Täyteläinen. Jälkimaku paahteinen ja salmiakkinen. Pullo #1194/1260. Pullotettu 7/11/2019.