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Intergalactic Milk Stout 5.9%, Lost Borough Brewing Company, United States
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Intergalactic Milk Stout
5.9% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
Our Intergalactic Milk Stout’s flavor will blast your tastebuds into another dimension. If you don’t know, a milk stout is brewed with lactose sugar for body and residual sweetness. Since lactose is unfermentable by yeast, it adds a milky, creamy, rich sweetness with lots of body. The thick dark malt backbone is provided by mix of NYS Pale, Chocolate and Munich Malts, then paired Flaked Oats. The perfect dose of Magnum and Goldings Hops in the boil provides a slight bitter to contrast the sweetness of the lactose. The result is a bittersweet dark stout whose out of this world flavor won’t make you want to return to earth anytime soon.
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