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Blueberry Brunch Muffin 4.5%, Lost Forty Brewing, United States
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Blueberry Brunch Muffin
4.5% Sour / Wild Ale
Blueberry Brunch Muffin | 4.5% ABV Robust aromas of Now and Later candies and blueberries that lead into wonderfully tart and lemony notes. Pastry flavors of vanilla and milk sugar add a hint of sweetness and rounds out this full-bodied pastry sour.


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Whiskey River Ranch
3 years ago
Blueberry Brunch Muffin, United States
At Whiskey River Ranch with family. Having an Arkansas beer brought by my niece. This one's a sour. Pours with almost no head, hazy reddish amber color. Sour aroma. Lightly sour flavor of mixed berry. Very light crisp texture. Perhaps a little blueberry dominant but mostly mixed berry. Very light degree of sourness so I am very much enjoying that I can tolerate this beer. The first sour that I have actually been able to enjoy.