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Revenge of the Damned (Ghost 929) 7.5%, Adroit Theory Brewing Company, United States
6 ratings
Revenge of the Damned (Ghost 929)
7.5% Porter


Post author: Savertin
5 months ago
Revenge of the Damned (Ghost 929), United States

Post author: Nicolas D
Nicolas D
1 year ago
Revenge of the Damned (Ghost 929), United States

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
1 year ago
Revenge of the Damned (Ghost 929), United States
Muddy, matt black beer with oppressed carbonation welcomes a fawn moussy head that thickens up to two fingers. Retention is rather brief as the surface is soon flat. The nose finds roasted malt with a coffeeish twost, a sigh of raw chocolate and distant licorice. Roasted coffee beans break free first in the palate. Licorice is quite easily recognizeable, seasoned with burned wood and a suggestion of raw cacao powder. A hoppy note follows interestingly within a distance. Mmmjah... I expected more of this... 🙄 The body is light-medium to medium. The finish gives especially licorice, burned coffee and somewhat dry-grassy hops although in minor volume. The aftertaste is cursed but breaks the spell and beats the haunters. The mouthfeel is roasty, a bit burned, first even light, but after elevated temperature, it becomes fuller, maybe up to medium-full at best. Not particularly unique though. The label art is magnificent. 👍🏻

Post author: Wydra
1 year ago
Une excellente porter, un goût de trop peu ! Y a du chocolat, y a du café, y a de la douceur ET de la puissance. Elle a du caractère, elle est équilibrée, une réussite ! J'adore. ^^

Post author: Borsuk
@ La cave sans nom
1 year ago
Revenge of the Damned (Ghost 929), United States
On jongle entre l'amertume du café et du chocolat en passant part un petit côté fumé très subtile ! Un équilibre top ! Juste parfait !!!

Post author: 0xyd
1 year ago