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orange diva 5.3%, StillFire Brewing, United States
4 ratings
orange diva
5.3% Witbier
A delicious twist on a classic Belgian treat. The Witbier was something that had been forgotten for over a decade until Pierre Celis revived it in a small village east of Brussels, Belgium. This beer is a nod to the classic, starting with the original revival base of white wheat, Pilsner malt and oats. Curacao orange peel and coriander are lightly added for complexity, and a Belgian yeast completes the profile for a fragrant, delicate, refreshing summer beer. Our twist is the addition of Blood Orange in just the right amount to amplify and add to the delicious orange character in a very pleasant way. No garnish required.


Post author: UC08
@ Liquerland
1 year ago
orange diva, United States

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Kyle C
2 years ago

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3 years ago