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Dubultā IPA 8.0%, Jaunpils Alus, Latvia
2 ratings
Dubultā IPA
8.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Non-filtered double IPA.


Post author: Kuokkanen M
Kuokkanen M
@ Valmiermuiža's Beer Embassy
1 year ago
Dubultā IPA, Latvia
Last time I tried this, it was spectacularly bitter. Now there is no trace of the bitterness. It’s just citrusy and slightly soapy. 🤔 I apologise the pun, but this is a bitter disappointment.

Post author: Kuokkanen M
Kuokkanen M
@ Lauvas alus
2 years ago
Dubultā IPA, Latvia
Got a box from Lauvas alus, the best craft beer shop in Riga. This one is a badass double IPA. Harsh, bitter and piney. A real coniferous assault. Taiga on the tongue.