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East Kolsch 4.5%, Newburgh Brewing Company, United States
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East Kolsch
4.5% Kölsch
When one thinks refreshing and easy-drinking, look no further than that delectable beer produced in Cologne, Germany… and that is, of course, the light and flavorful Kölsch. And when Blue Smoke, one of the pre-eminent BBQ restaurants in New York City, asks you to brew a beer exclusively for them… well, you can’t get the word “yes” out of your mouth fast enough. Meet “East Kölsch”, our Kölsch that is available only at the 2 NYC Blue Smoke Restaurants. Kölsch is the ale version of Pilsner, which means it’s light, easy-drinking, and bursting with flavor. Made with all German hops and malt, the beautiful golden color and mild bitter finish of East Kölsch is reminiscent of the brews being made throughout Cologne. So when you sit down to enjoy some of Blue Smoke’s finest BBQ offerings, we hope you order a Newburgh East Kölsch… a fine pairing indeed!
IBU: 25
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