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Two Plus Two Equals Five 10.5%, Green Cheek Beer Co., United States
2 ratings
Two Plus Two Equals Five
10.5% New England Triple IPA
Collab w/ Garage Project. Hazy Triple IPA w/ Phantasm (Sauvignon Blanc Skins), Nelson, Southern Cross & Mosaic. After lots of emails, texts, and calls, we ended up in a spot with our New Zealand pallys from Garage Project, Pete & Jos, that’s pretty damn fun!!! We brewed with oat flour for the first time, used (aka Freeze Dried New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Skins) during active fermentation (to allow lots of tropical fruit to be expressed) and then dry hopped it with @freestyle-hops Nelson Sauvin & Southern Cross, and also some Mosaic from @colemanagriculture . The result is very full bodied, and hits with a fair amount of Kiwi (?), Sunny D, Jasmine Flowers, pineapple juice, & lil kiss of the devil’s lettuce.


Post author: Grey
@ Green Cheek Beer Co.
3 years ago
Two Plus Two Equals Five, United States
BEER: Two Plus Two Equals Five BREWERY: Green Cheek Beer Co. X Garage Project BEER STYLE: NETIPA COUNTRY: USA / New Zealand ABV.: 10.5% COLOUR (EBC): Persimon Yellow (17.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Shy. Mosaicy. HEAD: One finger taal, fluffy and airy. GREY’S VIEW Nelson Sauvin, Southern Cross & Mosaic hopped NETIPA w/ Phantasm (Sauvignon Blanc skins). First sip is full and giving. Nice. I get ripe mandarin, orange peel, grovy earthiness, light malts. Phantasm is really light in this one, giving just a tiny amount of white grapeyness and some leafiness...(okay, there is also some white wine, but really lightly). It’s a hop forwarded unit this one. Mouthfeel is pleasantly nice to enjoy, low and lazy on carbonation and semi ripe juicy stuff. Hops feels really pure and clean. Aftertaste is quite short with the slightest of drying sensation, bread crumbs, wood sorrels, clean and dirty earthiness. OTHER NOTES: I can’t remember how long I’ve been after Garage Project beers. It’s a collab beer,a but still, it’s awesome to get even a remote taste from their goings! Nicely down to earth this one! Easy to drink and enjoy. Hops are perfectly selected to this one! Them being so clean and clear. CANNED 10/3/2021 TASTED 6/4/2021