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Save Point 12.0%, 8 Bit Brewing Company (CA), United States
1 ratings
Save Point
12.0% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
Imperial Stout w/ Graham Crackers, Cacao Nibs & Marshmallow.


Post author: Grey
@ 8 Bit Brewing Company (USA)
3 years ago
Save Point, United States
BEER: Save Point BREWERY: 8 bit Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: Flavoured Imperial Stout COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 12.0% COLOUR (EBC): Jet Black (100.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Roasted coffee with some chocolates and dark malts. Promising. HEAD: Tiny. Half a finger tall. Beige brown-ish. GREY’S VIEW Imperial Stout w/ Craham Crackers, Cacao Nibs & Marshmallow. Okay. First sip down and heee-ree we gooo! Taste has loads of roasted and grounded coffee beans, some good amount of milk chocolates, easy going dark malts and the softest cream. Nowhere can I find that horrendous marshmallow, yay! This feels like, well done RIS almost. With all this roastiness and burned malts and all. Nice. Mouthfeel is almost full. It’s semi slow, oily and sticky beer to enjoy. Carbonation dances perfectly around the roastiness. Aftertaste has some feel of milk chocolate and chocolate ganache. Also dried nuts and brown sugars are well in there. OTHER NOTES: Ok. It’s at least decent, semi RIS, of a brew. Damn it! Much better then I ever dared to expect. Good job! CANNED 12/3/2021 TASTED 2/4/2021