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Irish Coffee Cream Ale 5.1%, Shannon Brewing Company, United States
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Irish Coffee Cream Ale
5.1% Cream Ale
Shannon Irish Coffee Cream Ale is our modern spin on an ancient Irish recipe. Shannon Irish Coffee Cream Ale is brewed to have a subtle malt start and the rich character associated with the finest Irish pale ales. It is fermented with ale yeast starting at a relatively low temperature. The temperature is allowed to climb over several days, causing the yeast to accentuate the malt character with some nuttiness and baked fruit notes. This combination of fermentation temperatures gives Shannon Irish Cream Ale a complex malt start with wonderful fruit aromas reminiscent of apricot and pears. We age this beer on whole coffee beans from our friends at White Rock Coffee and whole vanilla beans to give this beer a wonderful vanilla coffee aroma and flavor. In a word…awesome ALC by Vol: 5.1% IBU: 35


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Whiskey River Ranch
3 years ago
Irish Coffee Cream Ale, United States
In Texas, at Whiskey River Ranch, having another brew with my nephew Scott. Has a delicately high head. Aroma is definitely coffee, surprising for a cream ale. Color is an orangish amber. Flavor is distinctly coffee, but not the good roasted kind, more of a bitter day old coffee. Has some nice vanilla creaminess at the midpoint and during the finish, but the coffee is not smooth, too raw and bitter.