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Pixie Juice 5.0%, Wishbone Brewery, England
3 ratings
Pixie Juice
5.0% Pale Ale - International
Dry hopped pale ale, mega fruity, mega light in colour, mega easy to drink. Unfined, hazy and Vegan.


Post author: GRAHAM PAYNE
@ Bowland Brewery
2 years ago
Pixie Juice, England
Bit bland, not getting much flavor

Post author: Mike B
Mike B
3 years ago
Pixie Juice, England
It’s ok, not the worst but definitely not the best either. Average can design and flavour. Unremarkable, and immemorial unfortunately. Won’t try this one again

Post author: pk1966
@ Casked
3 years ago
Pixie Juice, England
Lovely, hazy, hoppy pale ale. Not as much fruit as I expected, but still a nice pint. Edit: it leaves a slightly soapy aftertaste, so downgraded my initial rating