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Grumpy Grandpa 3.9%, Potosi Brewing Company, United States
1 ratings
Grumpy Grandpa
3.9% Pilsner
A limited edition beer not on their website. Brewed especially for the people at Johnsonville Sausage. The can reads: The fine pilsner you're holding pays homage to Johnsonville Sausage founder, Ralph F. Stayer. RF's acute sense of taste made him extremely fussy when it came to his food and drink. It's the reason our sausages are so darn delicious. To honor Ralph, we crafted Grumpy Grandpa with him and his strict standards in mind. All so you can enjoy a quality beer along with any great tasting Johnsonville sausage.


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Mentone
2 years ago
Grumpy Grandpa, United States
This is a rare and limited edition Wisconsin beer brought to me by a friend. Looking forward to giving this pilsner a try. Pours with a medium high head, effervescence continues. Clear and a darker yellow than most pilsners. Clean and light texture. A little weak on flavor. Very faint finish but nothing that keeps it from being an enjoyable brew. Very drinkable but not remarkable.