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DedSec 7.3%, 8 Bit Brewing Company (CA), United States
3 notes
7.3% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
DDH w/ Citra


Post author: Beer't
@ Beergium Webshop
2 years ago
DedSec, United States

Post author: Arnaud
@ ABinBrew
2 years ago
DedSec, United States
C'est pas mal, bien fruité.

Post author: Grey
@ 8 Bit Brewing Company (USA)
3 years ago
DedSec, United States
From Murrieta, CA, USA. Arrives this brewery. BEER: DedSec BREWERY: 8 bit Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: NEIPA COUNTRY: USA ALCOHOL (ABV): 7.3% COLOUR (EBC): Pineapple Yellow (13.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - SCENT: Lemons, papaya, bit crispy, but mostly tropical. FOAM: Thick and creamy, two finger white head. Retreats slowly leaving sugar coating behind it. GREY’S VIEW Citra hopped & Citra DDH NEIPA. First sip. I taste lemon juice, thick and juicy papaya. Cantaloupe arrives later with double dry hopping. Body is a bit weird. Feels light, but it has some muscles to it. It’s most likely because of the juiciness. DDH builds up giving a slight hop burn, carbonation staying low. OTHER NOTES: Single hop brew. Quite nice work with the body and nothing is off. Drinkable. Ah yeah! Spring break starts here! CANNED 16/12/2020 TASTED 26/1/2021