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Vanilla Infused Ephah of Barley, Bath of Wine 8.0%, Teva Brew, Finland
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Vanilla Infused Ephah of Barley, Bath of Wine
8.0% Barley Wine
Non filtrée


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Teva Brew
3 years ago
Vanilla Infused Ephah of Barley, Bath of Wine, Finland
Third homebrewed BW, this time flavored with vanilla. The appearance makes no difference, still foggy, deep dark brown. Carbonation behaves neatly but produces a pretty, dense mousse-like head that exceeds one finger. Retention is medium-lived as the surface is soon decorated with moldy lacing. The retreating foam clings to the wall of the glass. Inhaling reveals relatively mild nuances: we are now back to sweet malt and brown sugar. This time I can also pick distinct licorice albeit in a rather restrained form. Vanilla remains hidden to me but instead I'm getting agave syrup. It's no surprise as the vanilla extract is based on agave syrup. The tongue receives appealing flavors: malt is actually not as sweet as what the fragrance proposes. I would call it 'medium-sweet'. Molasses, agave syrup and a touch of brown sugar work hard in the background. Vanilla is difficult to find, it's rather the base material of the agave syrup that enters the scene. Alcohol is less bold than in the previous ones. I can also detect distant dried plum, for the first time. The hops, in turn, are nowhere, and why would they be anywhere as this batch is not extra hopped? The body is light-medium to medium, perhaps closer to medium than light-medium. The end of the gustatory experience offers relatively sweet malt, a tad fermented raisin and smaller amendments of agave syrup and dried plum. Again, no vanilla, neither do I get molasses anymore. The aftertaste pours syrup on the tastebuds for a long while, and they feel uncomfortably sticky. The mouthfeel is more lip-glueing than in the other two editions, almost a bit sticky. The heaviness is less heavy (I wonder what that might mean... 😅). The mouthfeel is also medium-strong and satiating. Conclusion of the three: ▶️ Standard version is reasonably nice. ▶️ Hopped version is more challenging and not my favorite but it provides the hoppiness that it was supposed to. ▶️ Vanilla infused version is overall tasty. Alcohol is least present here. Vanilla extract can be detected but not the vanilla itself. If it was, this would be the winner. Now that it's not, given the other benefits, I rate it the same as the regular edition.