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Giganticer 10.4%, Lineman, Ireland
1 Bewertungen
10.4% Imperial Stout
First full bourbon barrell aged imperial stout


Post author: Mark S
Mark S
3 years ago
Giganticer, Ireland
A great pour that was so black and thick that it was like crude oil. Remaining body had trace elements of a chocolate coloured head and slight carbonation in the glass. Scent is bountiful chocolate on a backbone of deep roasted malts, slight coffee finish mingling with the bourbon as it hits the back of your nose. Mouthfeel is thinner than expected but still very imposing. Taste is a beautiful collision of smooth chocolate and intensity of the whiskey burn. The aftertaste is largely roasted coffee, very dry, very excellent. This is a great barrell aged stout and is available year round.