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The Sound 8.2%, Great Notion Brewing, United States
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The Sound
8.2% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
The Sound is our second Seattle-only exclusive beer! This double IPA was brewed with Citra, Amarillo, and Vic Secret hops.


Post author: Grey
@ Great Notion Brewing
3 years ago
The Sound, United States
BEER: The Sound BREWERY: Great Notion Brewing BEER STYLE: DIPA COUNTRY: USA ALCOHOL (ABV): 8.2% COLOUR (EBC): Apricot Yellow (19.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - SCENT: Brightly dank. Jammy and pine woodsy. FOAM: Entirely tiny bubbled, almost two finger high. Lefts sugar coating behind. GREY’S VIEW Citra, Vic Secret & Amarillo hopped DIPA. Beer pours way too easily to my babble hole. Taste has sticky limber resin, overripe tangerine, some hints of drywood and a bit jammy fruity marmalade. Mouthfeel is soft and sticky. Medium + level body is perfect for the flavors. Creamy and indefinite carbonation stays in the background all the way. Aftertaste has some candy sugar with just slight feel of drying. OTHER NOTES: Character in the can is Sustainable Sal. Lovely west coast DIPA. Danky and fruity. Well done. CANNED 7/12/2020 TASTED 15/1/2021