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A Yeti's Story 11.7%, Great Notion Brewing, United States
3 Bewertungen
A Yeti's Story
11.7% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
A Yeti's Story is an Imperial stout loaded with peppermint and creamy chocolate. We triple dog dare you to not enjoy this seasonal treat!


Post author: Walrus76
@ Great Notion Brewing
3 years ago
A Yeti's Story, United States

Post author: Grey
@ Great Notion Brewing
3 years ago
A Yeti's Story, United States
BEER: A Yeti's Story BREWERY: Great Notion Brewing BEER STYLE: Imperial Pastry Stout COUNTRY: USA ALCOHOL (ABV): 11.75% COLOUR (EBC): Cola Black (80.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - SCENT: Pure peppermint. You remember those candy canes from your childhood? Made me laugh! So funny! And adorable. FOAM: Nonexistent. GREY’S VIEW Peppermint & Chocolate flavoured Imperial Stout. Ok. Deep breath and on we go! Sadly, but clearly (and ofcourse), that peppermint feels thin and artificial. It’s too hollow and thin. The chocolate side tries better. Nice milk chocolate with its sweetness...yammy. I also pick some thick and fresh grassyness, mild minerals, mint herbs and even the purest of osterity. Beyond the peppermint this is actually intresting. Body is thin with lively and loud, but soft, carbonation. Sugars are plenty and makes your lips wanting to stick to each other. Aftertaste has peppermint candy, some feel of lovely frost and sugary stickyness. OTHER NOTES: With this high ABV. I really did expect some more. This feels really futile as this, as the peppermint isn’t at its best and the entire brew would need some serious improvement all around. Dammit. It has good in it, but... CANNED 11/12/2020 TASTED 21/1/2021