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Peanut Butter Cup 9.2%, Eastern Market Brewing Co., United States
2 ratings
Peanut Butter Cup
9.2% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
3 years ago
Peanut Butter Cup, United States
Ambiguous, very deep dark brown beer with tame carbonation unleashes a velvety, chocolatey head that builds itself up to 1.5 fingers. Retention diminishes quickly, and the foamy cap shrinks to a thin lace ring circling the surface. Peanut butter opens the gate for my nose to inhale deeply. It's really hefty. Chocolate is milky but it almost vanishes in the shadow that the huge peanut butter casts. My olfactory experience is limited to those two components. Peanut butter breaks its route all the way through to my tongue. Milk chocolate plays its part now much more eloquently and brings the amount of calories to the level that I just don't want to know. Cacao nibs are overwhelming and delicious. A salted caramelly nuance may also be identified somewhere in the massive, yet quite uniform taste profile. Adorable! đŸ–€đŸ€ŽđŸ–€ The body feels huge. I'm not arguing it's huge but that's how it feels. Obviously because of the enormous punch of adjuncts. The finish doesn't deviate from the known path. The aftertaste loves beer tender and true, all its dreams fulfilled. The mouthfeel is full, sticky, adjuncted and overwhelmingly desserty. A spoon wouldn't be a bad idea for this. The mouthfeel is additionally velvety, smooth and nourishing. Anyone, who likes the diet that Elvis followed, would certainly love this beer, too.

Post author: Harala
@ De Bierliefhebber
3 years ago
Peanut Butter Cup, United States
Tuoksun puolesta on klyyvari taas syvÀllÀ maapÀhkinÀvoipurkissa. Maussa paahteista mallasta, suklaata ja suolaisen makeaa maapÀhkinÀÀ. Paksua ja tÀytelÀistÀ. PitkÀ makea maapÀhkinÀinen jÀlkimaku. Taas kerran varoitus pÀhkinÀ allergikolle. Tuotetiedoissa jouduin hieman sÀveltÀmÀÀn, De Bierliefhebber:istÀ tÀmÀ löytyy Paenutbutter Cup:ina, mutta se ei mielestÀni vastannut suoraan tölkin tietoja, joten parempaa tietoa omaava, corjaa boys.