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Kapittel Gluten-Free 6.5%, Leroy Breweries, Belgium
22 ratings
Kapittel Gluten-Free
6.5% Belgian Ale
In order to meet the demand of customers with a gluten intolerance, we have done a test with Kapittel Blond in which the gluten was removed in a microbiological process. This test has resulted in the Kapittel Gluten-Free, a high fermentation beer with an alcohol content of 6,5%.
IBU: 21
Gluten free


Post author: Guillaume Z
Guillaume Z
2 months ago
Agréablement surpris de cette bière sans gluten.

Post author: Kéké LM
Kéké LM
7 months ago

Post author: Jean-Michel G
Jean-Michel G
9 months ago

Post author: Александр
11 months ago
Kapittel Gluten-Free, Belgium
Тёмно-жёлтый, почти янтарный цвет. Прозрачность не полная. Осадка нет. Бледно-кремовая пена, умереной стойкости, не покидающая поверхность до опустошения бокала. Глоток солидной плотности. Солодово-кисленький, с уходящим вниз глотком, сухость нарастает на глотке, там же возникает алкогольность, знакомая, это как знать и не ждать. Между этим пронизан мёд, не классифицируемый, разнотравье какое-то. Тёплое послевкусие с горчинкой и подсушиванием от алкоголя. Бомба, взял со скидкой 200₽/0,33l(2,85€/033l). Dark yellow, almost amber color. Transparency is not complete. There is no sediment. Pale creamy foam of moderate persistence that does not leave the surface until the glass is empty. A sip of solid density. Malty-sour, with a sip going down, dryness grows on the pharynx, alcoholism arises there, familiar, it's like knowing and not waiting. Between this, honey is permeated, not classified, some kind of herbs. Warm aftertaste with bitterness and drying from alcohol. Bomb, took with a discount of 200₽/0.33l (2.85€/033l). Google translate.

Post author: Alexandre M
Alexandre M
11 months ago
Kapittel Gluten-Free, Belgium

Post author: Germain D
Germain D
1 year ago

Post author: Yann DWS
Yann DWS
1 year ago

Post author: Kevin T
Kevin T
1 year ago

Post author: Romain G
Romain G
1 year ago

Post author: Vincent F
Vincent F
2 years ago