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Coco Añejo 8.9%, HopFusion Ale Works, United States
2 arviota
Coco Añejo
8.9% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
Coconut Milk Stout


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Mentone
3 years ago
Coco Añejo, United States
Been looking forward to this Texas beer since it is made from the Fur Slipper stout. Full, dark tan head. Opaque brown color. Coconut aroma. Texture is light, not heavy at all. First impression is the coconut along with faint hazelnut and some baker's cocoa. Flavor began to dissipate quickly leaving only a slightly bitter finish. Even that doesn't last. The more sips I took, the more it's rating was going down. For a beer with such promise at the beginning, this one really was a disappointment. They took a good beer and did not make it better.

Post author: ML7817
3 years ago
Coco Añejo, United States