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Iron Sky 8.2%, La Pirata Brewing, Spain
4 ratings
Iron Sky
8.2% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: Craft Beer Nomads
Craft Beer Nomads
@ Beer Republic (Spain)
2 years ago
Iron Sky, Spain
Orange-yellow, hazy, looks juicy. Ripe tropical fruits in the aroma. Thick and silky mouthfeel, hoppy and fruity. Strong and bitingly bitter towards the finish. Great beer but...

Post author: Verde F
Verde F
@ Le chaudron
2 years ago
Iron Sky, Spain
Une très bonne DIPA qui peu faire penser à une NEIPA grâce à de très légères notes d’agrumes. Une amertume prononcée.

Post author: SerrNoz
2 years ago