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Flight to Banana Republic 7.0%, Teva Brew, Finland
1 ratings
Flight to Banana Republic
7.0% Flavoured Stout / Pastry Stout


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Teva Brew
4 years ago
Flight to Banana Republic, Finland
One for the road. This is our own Flavored Stout with banana and cacao nibs. The brewing was ten and a half weeks ago, bottling seven weeks ago. I uncap the bottle and... I noticed that that beer starts to move like an erupting volcano. Two seconds later the foam pushes out crazily and steadily. No splashes, just an endless stream flowing upwards. Fortunately I was close to a sink and simply let the froth come up and go down the drain. Eventually it stopped, having emptied perhaps one third of the bottle. Obviously too much priming sugar. Interesting as the uncapping didn't feel like there was too much pressure in the bottle. Well, this is not so serious. I finally managed to pour the muddy, extraordinarily dark brown beer in the glass. The carbonation at this point is only decent. A sand-hued, silky head emerges on the top up to one finger and descends gradually to a silky lace ring. The scent is promising: overripe banana and cacao nibs. That's exactly what I wanted to find there. Furthermore, I can pick a pinch of chocolate brownie. The taste still portrays a tad fermented banana. It merges with slightly bitter cacao nibs, a bit of raw chocolate and a silent sigh of light-sour apple. That's interesting... It's barely detectable. Could be a result of acetaldehyde if fermentation has been less than optimal. Oxidation is another potential source. We did cold crash but it's possible that it could have continued fermenting even longer. On the other hand, the fermentation lasted for 3.5 weeks and we surely wanted to avoid allowing it to become too dry either. The body is light. It's a disappointment, I hoped for more. The beer finishes with dark malt, some fermented banana, a small injection of raw chocolate and a remote nuance of apple. The aftertaste asks the tastebuds to fasten their seatbelts and off we go. Without hesitation. The mouthfeel is fairly light, slightly tart and drying. It's also extraordinarily effervescent in the beginning when opened but settles down to normality then (after having outpoured a good deal of the content...). Quite fine although not a masterpiece. And surely needs careful attention when opening.