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Ananas Symphonie: 1973 Reconstructed 6.8%, Teva Brew, Finland
1 ratings
Ananas Symphonie: 1973 Reconstructed
6.8% Flavoured Stout / Pastry Stout
Hops: Polaris


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Teva Brew
4 years ago
Ananas Symphonie: 1973 Reconstructed, Finland
Today's homebrew is a pineapple stout. Never had one myself, so I had brew it. The beer colors bright, very deep dark brown. It actually reflects a faint burgundy tint against the light. The carbonation is tame and produces a restrained, off-white head that dies away before I get my cellphone camera ready. The scent pushes forward attractive ripe pineapple. That's nice! A suggestion of dark malt hovers somewhere in the distance. I'm glad that the pineapple doesn't shy away although the fragrance in general waves for goodbye quite hastily. The taste profile is appealingly fruity. Not very common for a stout. Pineapple is there but less recognizeable than in the scent. A bit of licorice, dark malt, brown sugar and light-bitter syrup step into the picture briefly. Quite quaffable overall. The body is light. Again, this is the weakest link of the chain. The beer ends with dark malt, light-bitter syrup, brown sugar and a tad lemon pith. Pineapple dies at the very moment when the sip is swallowed but sends a spooky flashback of itself after a while. Interestingly, I can also detect extraordinarily remote toasted coconut in the finish, but only in passing. The aftertaste works at a pineapple plantation but quits quickly. The mouthfeel is light, juicy, relatively zesty for a stout as well as innovative. Not necessarily a slow sipper but actually quite easy and gluggable.