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Winter's Own 6.5%, Longwood Brewpub, Canada
1 ratings
Winter's Own
6.5% Weizenbock
Winters Own will blanket your taste buds like a fresh winter snowfall. Malty, spicy, fruity and refreshing. German style wheat bock made with 50% wheat. This bete blanche will keep you insulated from the chill of old man winter.
IBU: 18


Post author: Gordzilla
@ Beverly Corners
7 years ago
Winter's Own, Canada
Ahhh winter. Weather cools down, beer flavours warm up, and a whole bunch of new ones become available. Absolutely gorgeous aromas, fat with different promises. Stuffed with sweet malt with caramel and bread. Wonderful wheat. Zesty spicy yeast. Plum, cherry, tropical and dried fruits. Soft on the tongue and not too heavy. Upfront malt and wheat which is almost hand in hand with the yeast spiciness. Quickly behind that the fruity notes take over and then fade off leaving a bit of a yeast taste. Quite dry and refreshing. It seems like it should be sweet, but it is drier and "spicier" than i thought. Delightful. I really like this.