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Stay Puft: Imperial Stout w/ Marshmallow (2020) 12.1%, Barreled Souls Brewing Company, United States
2 ratings
Stay Puft: Imperial Stout w/ Marshmallow (2020)
12.1% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout


Post author: janne_vuan
@ De BierTonne
3 years ago
Stay Puft: Imperial Stout w/ Marshmallow (2020), United States
Illan viimeiseksi hitaaksi tummaa😱. Kesällä!!! ULKOASULTAAN olut on mustaa ja siihen nousee luonnonvalkea vaahto. TUOKSU on makea ja täyteläinen. Vaahtokarkkia, hasselpähkinää ja suklaata. MAKU on suklainen ja vaahtokarkkinen, kahvia, pähkinää, tonkapapua ja paahdetta löytyy myös. Jälkimaku todella imelä. Alkoholi ei maistu läpi. SUUTUNTUMA on melko täyteläinen ja pehmeä. Täyteläinen imppi stout kesäiltaan. Vahva, mutta omaan makuun turhan imelä maku.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ De BierTonne
3 years ago
Stay Puft: Imperial Stout w/ Marshmallow (2020), United States
Time for a slow sipper during Christmas eve. 🎅🏻🤶🏻🌲 The two sahti tankards are my Christmas present ❤️❤️ Handmade of juniper in Finland. The juniper timber has been drying for three years until it can be worked. The older guy who makes these, is retiring, so this was pretty much the last moment to buy these. Bright, oily black beer with timid carbonation sets a velvety, chocolate-moussy head that remains at half a finger's yardstick. The head disperses neatly to the sides of the top and kisses the glass gently. Retention seems to be lengthy. The scent is really sweet and desserty: loads of milk chocolate, cacao nibs and marshmallow. Lactose and cream bring in powerful roundness. The fragrance is like oversweet rocky road cake; I can imagine the sticky sugar slam in the mouth even before I take a sip. Alright, I take a sip now. Oh yes!! Liquid rocky road indeed! As if moistened with a big spoonful of Bourbon. Both dark chocolate and milk chocolate can be detected, accompanied by bags of cacao nibs, hefty lactose, a tad sugared cream and a pinch of brown sugar. The spiced side releases vanilla and a transient hint of cinnamon. Marshmallow has diminished drastically in intensity and gained a little bit of roasty caramelized flavor. Dessert in a glass! 🖤🖤🖤 The body is full. At least that's what I believe. The sweetness confuses my analysis. The beer finishes with bags of dark chocolate and cacao nibs but also some raw cacao powder as well as light-roasted marshmallow. Sweet cream, lactose, vanilla and a shot of Bourbon further flavor the beer. The aftertaste sits by the bonfire and roasts the marshmallow candy for the tastebuds for a short time. The mouthfeel is sticky, sappy and rather heavily lip-glueing. Surely a liquid dessert. It's deep and alcoholic as well as like barrel aged. Obviously it's not barrel aged though. It's also a bit raw, roundness is based on sweetness, not maturity. Could probably benefit from cellaring but maybe not too long anyway.