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Dutch Adam 11.0%, Ramses Bier, Netherlands
1 arviota
Dutch Adam
11.0% Other Traditional / Historical ale


Post author: Jari J
Jari J
3 years ago
Dutch Adam, Netherlands
New beer in Pint Please. #2 Christmas calendar. Nightcap. Bottled on:? Temperature: +13 C Wuhuuu, the first commercial Adambier for me. Although, I've brewed two at home myself. One of those beers won a homebrewing competition and will be brewed by Panimo Narri sometime next year. Deep amber-colored beer. Almost coffee brown but with noticeable red hues. A small head breaks down at the center but sticks to the edges for quite some time. Thick viscosity. Looks good: 4,5/5 The nose is heavy with the sweet and bready maltiness and smoky aromas. Some darker fruits as well. Feels unbalanced as the malt is so sweet and the smoke is not the most pleasant friend with that sweetness (I also used smoked malt, but also lots of rye and oak-aged it with oak chips and Brettanomyces Claussenii): 3/5 Mouthfeel is full, soft, and round. Alcohol is almost completely hidden. Magnum provides good, balancing, and gentle bitterness which I like very much. Nice: 4,25/5 The taste suffers from the same thing as the scent did: Too heavy with that sweet bready maltiness... Cloying. The smokiness is there but it doesn't compare to those sweet malty flavors. Some toasty bread flavors as well. The taste is almost nothing but sweet maltiness and subtle smokiness. Pretty hard beer to enjoy: 9/15 Perhaps one of the maltiest beers I've ever had and thus not so well balanced. I remember when planning my own Adambier and red some people complaining about Hair of the Dog's Adambier being more like Wee heavy. As of my knowledge, classic Adambier is sour /tart and oak-aged strong smoky dark beer...this is just malty, dark, and strong, with minor smokiness. Something really nice about this beer is that the taste, especially, has some changes in it. The beer tastes noticeably different after being in the glass for 30 minutes. Still malty and sweet, but differently so. I guess that something to be pleased with. And of course, I'm happy to finally get to taste "real" Adambier: 14/20 =34,75/50