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Basic Bee 6.0%, Stable 12 Brewing Company, United States
1 arviota
Basic Bee
6.0% White Stout


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
4 years ago
Basic Bee, United States
“Nitro spiced honey latte stout” as listed on the can. Now look at that pic - does that look like a stout???? It has cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla & honey checked off on the side of the can. So what does it taste like??? It’s a coffee beer. I guess that is part of the latte side??? It does have a higher end coffee taste (great for a coffee beer) but other than that I get nothing else that was listed. Overall I’m very disappointed. Even though it was nitro it wasn’t that smooth. If this was advertised as a coffee beer it would rate higher. As a stout, it doesn’t even meet the style. For the coffee side I’ll give a 1.5. For the stout side I’ll go 0.0. 1.5 + 0 = 1.5 Glad to have to use my 2nd grade math skills on this one