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Lines Of Symmetry 8.0%, North Brewing Co., England
9 ratings
Lines Of Symmetry
8.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA


Post author: VinnyPollo
3 years ago
Lines Of Symmetry, England
Au nez c'est encore une fois parfait.. Fruits jaunes et une douceur qu'apporte l'avoine. En bouche l'attaque est un peu plus forte que d'habitude en alcool mais ça n'enlève en rien le bon goût. Une légère amertume arrive à la fin. Décidément cette brasserie fait du très bon boulot. Un peu surpris par le fort goût d'alcool en revanche ce qui enlève la note parfaite .

Post author: Mac
3 years ago
Lines Of Symmetry, England

Post author: Tommi L
Tommi L
3 years ago

Post author: Gilles S
Gilles S
3 years ago
Ma petite bière de noel :D Pour accompagner un canard à l’orange

Post author: Rebeli
3 years ago

Post author: Neil
@ Beer Trotter
3 years ago

Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ De Bierliefhebber
3 years ago
Lines Of Symmetry, England
Canned on: 2.10.2020 Temperature: +10 C If I'm correct, this should not be Imperial NEIPA, although the juicy appearance would suggest so. Tall, creamy head with plenty of lace. Looks yummy: 4,5/5 The aroma is very juicy with lovely peach and watermelon notes. Thick and tropical. They've really managed to squeeze plenty of aromas out from the hops and the aromas are still relatively strong despite the beer has been almost two months in the cans. Feels like some third hop would make the scent complete: 4,25/5 Mouthfeel is medium but juicy thick. Medium-low bitterness and carbonation: 4,25/5 The taste like the other areas so far is also juicy. Flavors include peach, pineapple, light melon character, some oat and wheat, and interestingly, even a touch of dry wood. I can imagine that that dry wood thing is "melted" hop burn. The aftertaste is long and dry: 12/15 Nice one. Thick with lots of flavors. Not overly dank. I can't get over the idea that this is missing something, the third hop. It just the feeling that something more could be here...anyways, fine brew. Guaranteed North quality: 16/20 =41/50

Post author: Arnaud L
Arnaud L
3 years ago

Post author: Matteokop
3 years ago
Lines Of Symmetry, England