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St. John's Stout 4.8%, Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House, Canada
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St. John's Stout
4.8% Stout
This traditional Irish Stout is very dark, heavy and complex with an extremely long finish. In addition to the high rate of hopping in the kettle there is also bitterness from the roast barley. It has a dense, creamy head and is full of complex, burnt, “roasty” flavours. Notes of burnt toast, licorice and chocolate, but also cedar, berry, pear, walnut and citrus. Great with rich hearty foods like the YellowBelly Steak, meat stews but also spicy dishes like our Korean BBQ wings, our pork ribs, and our curries, like our Curry Kaluha


Post author: Ville M
Ville M
@ Yellow belly brewery
5 years ago
St. John's Stout, Canada
Dark color. A lot of foam. Nutty. Easy to drink.

Post author: Randy B
Randy B
7 years ago