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Baalaze It 11.2%, Kings Brewing Co., United States
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Baalaze It
11.2% Quadruple IPA
Triple dry hopped quadruple IPA with cashmere, strata, galaxy, simcoe. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Baa Baa Brewhouse.


Post author: Grey
4 years ago
Baalaze It, United States
Ok, ok. This one’s going out in english. Trying myself out here. Just trying. Maybe. BEER: BAALAZE IT BREWERY: Kings Brewing Co. X Baa Baa Brewhouse BEER STYLE: QIPA COUNTRY: USA ALCOHOL (ABV): 11.2% COLOUR (EBC): Mangoish (13.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - SCENT: Ripe-fruity-tangerine with a good touch of resin. Smooth and surprinzingly easy. FOAM: One finger tall, creamy and steady. Lasts long and builds a nice bit of belgian foam to the sides of glass. GREY’S VIEW Cashmere, Strata, Galaxy & Simcoe Triple dry hopped quadruple IPA. Ok. First sip. Oomph, it’s sooo eaaasy. My good lord, god dammit! Damn this! And god damn all! I find plenty of smooth and ripe tangerine and orange on the first wave. It’s actually so smooth that it’s hard to find anymore flavors in this one. Okay! It’s a smoothy juice with only perfect yeast and maltbase. The yeast actually completes the hops perfectly; giving them just enough room to give a tiny bit of bite of lemon alongside with the ripier fruits. This one is truly debauchery piece of art! Strong feel of ”mellow” tastes with a solid base and filling sense allover. Oomph... Aftertaste is short and prettymuch nonexistent. Smooth ride untill the end of glass. OTHER NOTES: Might be the third or fourth or fifth or sixth QIPA to me. Gloriously balanced and also way too easy to enjoy as it is 11.2%. Gotta recommend this to anyone who likes a solid, perfectly executioned and smooth ride on a warm and sunny tropical island. CANNED 10/2020 TASTED 24/10/2020