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Peanut Butter Korova Milk Porter 6.2%, Gnarly Barley Brewing Company, United States
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Peanut Butter Korova Milk Porter
6.2% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
Even more mind blowing than the regular Korova Milk Porter, Peanut Butter Korova has an addition of peanut butter to blend with its sweet coffee and chocolate flavors.


Post author: Edgeworth
3 years ago
Peanut Butter Korova Milk Porter, United States
Picked this up at the Gnarly Barley Brewery in Hammond Louisiana on my way to Texas. Moderate head that disappears very quickly. Reddish brown in color, not totally opaque, seems cloudy. Intense peanut butter aroma. Very creamy texture. Almost no carbonation. Extremely sweet. Flavor is of peanut butter with just a touch of bitter in the finish. If you like peanut butter stouts you will love this one.