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Alter Ego 7.1%, Full Circle Brew Co., England
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Alter Ego
7.1% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: Lolodallo
3 years ago

Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ De Bierliefhebber
4 years ago
Alter Ego, England
New beer in Pint Please. Best before: 3.1.2021 Temperature: +8 C Get up early today and went fishing. It was definitely worth it. Caught my record perch👊🏼🎣 Thick looking brew, with deep yellow color. The creamy head doesn't last that long but leaves behind some lace. Looks quite nice, especially the color: 4,25/5 The nose is a mixture of citrus and tropical fruits. Lime and passionfruit are the strongest. Mango is also strong. There's even a hint on watermelon. Very good with juicy feel: 4,5/5 Mouthfeel is a bit too light for my liking. The body makes the beer watery but hop oils provide some juiciness into this one: 3/5 The taste is similar to the taste but much milder and the citrus overpowers the tropical fruits. Surprisingly strong orange peel taste. Perhaps this is a bit old: 10/15 Well, damn. The appearance and especially the aroma were awesome but in the end, this doesn't quite manage to please. Decent, I wonder how this would taste more fresh: 14,75/20 =36,5/50