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Raspberry Über Berliner Weisse 3.8%, Nickel Brook Brewing Co, Canada
3 arviota
Raspberry Über Berliner Weisse
3.8% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
Our brewers decided to have some fun and the took one of our most scientific creations and made it even more amazing! Nickel Brook Raspberry Uber Berliner Weisse uses our refreshing sour style of wheat beer which has then been aged on local Ontario raspberries. The result is a massive raspberry flavour explosion that still maintains the incredibly unique qualities of our Uber Berliner Weisse. You're going to love this! It's a scientific fact.
IBU: 3


Post author: Beer For Ed Please
Beer For Ed Please
7 years ago
Raspberry taste is distinct and ever present. Nothing subtle about this one. You want raspberry, I'll give you f'n raspberry.

Post author: Texmex
7 years ago
This is a refreshing summer day beer. An initial fizz on the tongue with a slight sour taste.

Post author: Alex M
Alex M
8 years ago
Raspberry Über Berliner Weisse, Canada
Not much of a beer more like fizzy raspberry juice.