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Cream of the Field 7.7%, Teva Brew, Finland
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Cream of the Field
7.7% Dunkelweizen
Non filtrée


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Teva Brew
3 years ago
Cream of the Field, Finland
Time for a homebrew. This time a dark-leaning wheaty surprise. 🌾 The beer pours semihazy, light-brown and modestly honey-hued. The rich carbonation unleashes a cream-white, whipped-creamy head that shoots up to four fingers. The level of carbonation is fairly high but optimal for the beerstyle. The retention is substantially long. The contracting foam sprinkles thick coverings all over the glass. The scent offers an interesting combination of soft wheat malt and a smaller injection of rye malt. The cocktail is as if light-roasted albeit it's not. Banana is recognizeable, yet fermented. I expected at least a suggestion of clove but I fail to capture any. Instead I encounter with a timid proposal of bubblegum. Generally speaking, the olfactory supply is relatively malty and portrays fruity esters but it's not bready almost at all. Additionally, I can depict sweet cereals among the olfactory components. The scent proves to be so promising that I can't wait any longer to take a sip. Soft maltiness spreads on the taste receptors. The maltiness is composed of surprisingly velvety wheat and a smaller amendment of sweet rye. Morning cereals can't be missed this time either. Banana lingers intriguingly in the mouth, and it's undoubtedly overripe and not particularly abundant but reasonably noticeable though. In addition to banana, the other fruity esters that I'm able to distinguish, include a suggestion of apricot and remote mandarin. I also anticipated a little bit of phenols, maybe clove as it should run in the style, but unfortunately I can't detect any. Alcohol is fully camouflaged despite the ABV of 7.7 %. In a nutshell, the taste is appealing, very soft and offers even a reasonable level of layers. Truly nice 🍺 The body is light-medium to medium. The sweetness may, once again, fool my senses. The beer finishes with sweet wheat malt, a whisper of rye malt, a notable punch of overripe banana, faint apricot and orange. The aftertaste enjoys the sweet life together with the tastebuds for a short to medium duration. The mouthfeel is extraordinarily soft, even velvety and smooth. It's nicely esteric, slightly fragrant and effervescent. Moreover, the mouthfeel is slightly lip-glueing and creamy as well as shows medium fullness. Layers are present, displaying even a tad complexity. This is a success! So far the top beer that we've brewed ourselves. 🍺🍺