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Kichesippi Beer 1855 5.1%, Kichesippi Beer Company, Canada
4 ratings
Kichesippi Beer 1855
5.1% Red Ale / Amber Ale
Staff pick #4 was chosen by Meg Brennan, who grew up in Nova Scotia across the street from the Dartmouth Common. Dampfbier (German for steam beer), is a now rare, centuries-old style, and was traditionally known as the beer for the common folk. Brewed with German weizen yeast, this all malt brew has hints of clove and a mild hop finish.
IBU: 14


Post author: Irishyv
@ Highlander Pub
5 months ago

Post author: Conor R
Conor R
3 years ago

Post author: DaveDorito
5 years ago
Smooth, clean finish on this Amber ale. Nice body weight and not overwhelming on the palette

Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
6 years ago
Kichesippi Beer 1855, Canada
Having memories of my time in Canada; this beer is dark brown in appearance, wheaty in taste and bitter in the finish. Very satisfying but also incredibly filling as well.