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Speyside Persistence Is Utile 10.0%, Cloudwater Brew Co., England
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Speyside Persistence Is Utile
10.0% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
An exquisitely poised and elegant dessert stout. Sometimes you have to take a step back to take another forwards. This is a reimagination of our popular Imperial Stout, Persistence Is Utile, with a touch of smooth elegance from time spent in oak. The process began by stripping the original back to the basics and letting the base beer, before additions, sit in Speyside whisky barrels for three months. What emerged was remarkably rich and sleek, so we added further complexity by conditioning the beer on vanilla beans and heady, full-flavoured single-origin Peruvian beans from Workshop Coffee. Enjoy, it alongside your favourite dessert, or grab two glasses and savour some time with a loved one.


Post author: Grey
@ Pien Shop & Bar
3 years ago
Speyside Persistence Is Utile, England
OLUT: Speyside Persistence Is Utile PANIMO: Cloudwater Brew Co. OLUTTYYPPI: Imperial Stout (Speyside Whiskey BA) MAA: Englanti VAHVUUS (ABV): 10,0% VÄRI (EBC): Musta (90.0) KATKEROT (EBU/IBU): - TUOKSU: Makean tummasokerinen, hasselpähkinää, kahvipapuja. Melkosen mielenkiintoista. VAAHTO: On kyllä sellasta moussea, että hoblaa vaan! Kestävää tavaraa. GREY’S VIEW Hmm. Kahvinen, makean melassisen sokerinen, kaakaota ei ole säästelty, kevyen kukkainen. MUUTA MAINITTAVAA: ... BOTTLED 4/2020 TASTED 7/2020