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Repeat 3.5%, Sufferfest, United States
2 ratings
3.5% Kölsch
Sufferfest beer Company was inspired by athletes. Established in San Francisco, we strive to earn our beer. Enjoy the flavor and body you deserve in a beer, but with less calories and carbs weighing you down. With added bee pollen for an additional layer of aroma and complexity, the Repeat is designed to deliver.


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
3 years ago
Repeat, United States
Took the day off to get some work done around the house. One was to dig up my potatoes from my garden. So I needed an afternoon beer break. This has a sweet honey taste with some floral hops giving it a counteracting light bitterness. It is very light even for a kolsch although tasting pretty good after being in the sun for the last 3 hours. Hear it is with my potatoes. I planted 4 russet 🥔🥔🥔🥔 & 2 red potatoes 🥔🥔 in the spring. Looks like the russets won out.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Gulf Shores Alabama
3 years ago
Repeat, United States
Another day on vacation, doing our best to be safe. Short white head that doesn't last. Color is deep yellow and hazy, see some carbonation. Very mild aroma. A little bit citrusy and a little bit sour. Thin mouthfeel. Finish is on the bitter side. Good to try new beers but this is just okay, nothing special.