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Lake Side Vacation Ale 5.0%, Stevens Point Brewery, United States
1 ratings
Lake Side Vacation Ale
5.0% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
It starts in the trees. The warm sunset spills across the lake in a dance of hazy oranges and deep blues. Ahh…Lake Side. A refreshing pale wheat ale balanced with subtle hints of orange peel. Take your vacation with you


Post author: Edgeworth
4 years ago
Lake Side Vacation Ale, United States
Back out on the lake. Glass, of course, is made of plastic (river safe). Perfect beer, even has a kayak on the can. Starts with a very high, totally white head. Deep yellow color, moderately hazy. Can see carbonation coming up. Faint aroma. Texture is soft. Flavor is mild and refreshing on a hot day. Did not get much of the citrus. Good beer for the lake.