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blue monk 9.5%, De Struise Brouwers, Belgium
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blue monk
9.5% Belgian Strong Ale


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Deleted by user
@ De BierTonne
3 years ago
2019 Talkookaljana takapihan putsauksessa. Oikein hyvä olut mutta jotenkin pliisumpi kuin edellinen Blue monk mikä tuli juotua.

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Xavier M
3 years ago

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Lennert DC
@ Onder het dak.
3 years ago

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4 years ago

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Jari J
@ De BierTonne
4 years ago
blue monk, Belgium
New beer in Pint Please. Vintage 2019 version. Bottled 21.2.2020 Temperature: +12 C Lol, this is way darker than the last beer I had from Struise, which was a goddamn Imperial Stout. Similar foam also: small, brown with decent retention. The texture looks oily... No way this a Belgian Dark Strong Ale: 2,25/5 Aroma has hints of salted smoke but behind that rises a vinegar-ish and alcohol aroma. It shouldn't be like this. Some darker fruits which eventually takes a plum and date form... This even has similar scent than the Imperial Stout I had last time🤷‍♂️2,25/5 Mouthfeel is medium with extremely low carbonation. No bitterness is seems. Alcohol feel is quite well hidden. I'm having a really hard time figuring out this beer: 2/5 Taste is mostly malty with bread flavor, then a touch of smokiness. Alcohol feels Port wine-like. Sweeter and darker fruits. Feels diluted. Not really a Belgian flavored Ale: 5/15 Ummm, what the fuck has happened with De Struise?! It used to make awesome darker beers and now these are far from a quality I've used from this brewery. Too many bad or mediocre beers from Struise in recent times. But this. The hell... This is just off, unbalanced, and with no soul. Thank God that weird vinegar-like thing didn't taste. That's the only positive thing about this plus maybe this can be called unique🤷‍♂️: 7/20 =18,5/20