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Allegiance Beneath 8.5%, LIC Beer Project, United States
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Allegiance Beneath
8.5% Imperial IPA / Double IPA


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beer Republic Web Shop
4 years ago
Allegiance Beneath, United States
Foggy, pale orange beer with lively carbonation unlocks a small-bubbled, yellowish froth that ridicules me with its huge palm-high size. Fortunately the massive foamy stack melts soon down to a thin frogspawn-looking layer floating on the surface. The retreating bubbly explosion leaves multiple downpouring trails on the wall of the glass. I sniff the fragrance cautiously: I experience first an awkward combination of leather and wet cardboard. It gets mixed with other emerging nuances. I start receiving a bit unfresh mango, honeydew and fermented lemon, accompanied by an injection of old oat flakes. I must complain that the scent is far from what I expected. Fortunately the strange note of likely off-flavor almost disappears when I wait for a while. The taste portrays a good amount of DDH with a relatively piney slam and a generous punch of oat flakes, followed by raw mango, peach, cantaloupe and citrus pith. The gustatory provision is much better than the fragrance but still falls short of Untappd average of 4.01. I would say this is reasonable but nothing spectacular. The body is medium-full. That's nice as the beer has otherwise been a disappointment. The beer ends with medium-piney DDH, citrus pith and rind as well as distant tropical stone fruit. The aftertaste lets the tropical waves roll on the tastebuds for a relatively long time. The mouthfeel is tropical, soft, smooth and medium-full. It's also somewhat crisp, piney and a bit dry. I should also mention that the beer has been canned on 24 October 2019. It's probably far too old for a DIPA and could explain the weird aromas in the taste. Worth applauding is the great label art of the can!