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Raspberry Kombucha 0.0%, Drink ROY UG, Germany
2 ratings
Raspberry Kombucha
0.0% Kombucha


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Edeka Gerstmann
7 months ago
Raspberry Kombucha, Germany
A late night Kombucha to flush down my supermarket salad. Straight from the can. The scent gives a potpourri of raspberry juice and green tea. Quite grassy actually. The taste offers green tea with a distinct raspberry flavor. The finish is healthy. The mouthfeel is herbal, tea-like and somewhat dry. Not bad. I like the dryness.

Post author: MrGoodLife92
@ Roy Kombucha Brewery Berlin
3 years ago
Raspberry Kombucha, Germany
Very sweet fruity raspberry taste. Good carbonization, nice pinky color and nice raspberry smell. But I’m missing that soft sour kombucha after taste. It’s not bad. Very commercial taste.