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Mosey Lager 4.6%, Avondale Brewing Company, United States
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Mosey Lager
4.6% Amber Lager / Vienna Lager
An easy going amber lager. To Mosey is to take it easy. And that’s exactly what we intended with this classic Amber Lager. Approachable and easy drinking. Light and crisp. This beer will be your go to for that after work meet up, a gathering with friends, or for catching a moment alone on the porch. Mosey - no muss, no fuss.


Post author: Edgeworth
4 years ago
Mosey Lager, United States
More quarantine beer, seems like it never ends. Starts with a full head that dissipates quickly down to nothing. Reddish orange color which is moderately hazy. Light and crisp mouthfeel. A little watery, flavor could have been much more pronounced. Even the finish is almost not there. Nothing special about this one.